Rolls Royce Motor Cars: Recruitment Campaign Promotional Video

We were commissioned to make an social media friendly recruitment campaign video for Rolls Royce. The brief was to feature the lifestyle of living in West Sussex rather than working for the premium car brand.

Drone shots around the Hambles, jib shots, factory shots and some shots around Arundel were crucial to promote what the region has to offer.

The video is currently on LinkedIn and is being promoted on various BMW Group websites to garner the recruitment drive.

Ignite Creative - Oxfam Promotional Video

Oxfam – Promotional Video

Oxfam required a promotional video to entice potential new volunteers to the Oxfam cause. Shot in a day and using the voice-over of volunteers, we followed the volunteers in their day to day trying to get a snapshot of their varied roles.

Ignite Creative - Neuroscience Animation Video

University of Oxford – Neuroscience Animation Video

Commissioned by the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Oxford, this animation shows the working of the Bayesian Brain and breathlessness. It was shown at the Royal Society Fair in London, viewed by thousands of people. Post fair, it is being used by the Dept at talks, conferences and events.

BMW Group Wide Apprentices promotional video

Shot over 7 days across the UK, the BMW Group Wide Apprentices video was a challenge to edit. Hundreds of gigabytes and several hours of footage with an edit limit of 1m5s.

This video is currently on the homepage of the BMW Group Apprentices homepage for the 2020 intake.

Ignite Creative - WAE - Manufacturing facilities Tour Promo

WAE – Manufacturing facilities Tour Promo

Manufacturing tour video of WAE’s premises across the country for CENEX and other exhibitions. Drone, macro shots and the ubiquitous gimbal.

Ignite Creative - MINI car timeline animation

MINI car timeline animation

Timeline animation created for MINI to showcase their 110 years of car production at Cowley, Oxford. 5 days post-production, lots of old stills and existing footage and layering.

Ignite Creative - Exponent

Exponent – Recruitment Promotional Video

Recruitment promotional video made for international organisation Exponent. Filmed in different countries over the course of a few months with hours of footage, the edit had to come in at sub 2m30s. Currently being used across social media, especially LinkedIn, for a recruitment drive over the next few months.

Ignite Creative - LEVC Promotional Video

LEVC – Promotional Video

LEVC commissioned us to create a promotional video to highlight both product and manufacturing facility. The Plant is unique in many aspects and had to be highlighted using text and visuals. We shot using both normal Sony A series cameras as well as the Insta360 Pro 2 shooting at 8K and as a timelapse.

Ignite Creative - Budweiser Promotional Video

Budweiser – Promotional Video

Budweiser wanted a quick turnaround 30s promotional video for the new drinks line up at Coventry Stadium. Half day 2 person shoot with gimbal and focus puller.

Ignite Creative - University of York

University of York – Promotional Video

Commissioned by York University, this promotional video highlights the importance of the main high street, Coney Street, and its recent neglect. Animated stills, drones, time-lapses and regular footage over the course of 4 days to capture all the different settings.

Ignite Creative - Mick Fleming Book Launch Social Clips

Mick Fleming Book Launch Social Clips – Promotional Video

SPCK commissioned a series of social media clips for Mick Fleming’s book launch. As you can see, he had a very tough background and now serves and helps the poor and disadvantaged in Burnley. He serves as the Pastor for Church on the streets (COTS).

BMW Diversity Campaign – Corporate Video

BMW commissioned us to create the video leading their BMW Diversity Campaign. Shot on Blackmagic and using sliders and gimbals, this was a one day two person shoot with B-roll intercut from London Pride and the lead-up events to it.

Williams Advanced Engineering – 3D Electric Battery Animation

Williams Advanced Engineering required a 3D battery animation, building up from a single cell with pull outs to more complicated configurations with suitable vehicles. This required a lot of time for the animation nevermind the rendering. It was delivered in time for the Cenex LCV Show 2022 where it was shown on screens next to the battery itself.

Williams Advanced Engineering – Recruitment Video

WAE required a video for the LinkedIn recruitment page of their LinkedIn site. This is one of two videos which shows the perks and advantages of working for Williams Advanced Engineering. The video has been deemed a success and has been viewed, to date, 8,000 times.

Stratford Upon Avon – Tourism Video

A series of videos made for various organisations to promote tourism in Stratford upon Avon. These were released alongside an app with an interactive map so tourists could watch the videos while being taken on a walk around the city. 4am start, autocue, 5 crew and a few road blocks here and there 🙂

Ignite Creative - NHS Animation Video

NHS 111 – Animation Video

The NHS commissioned us to make a series of animations for the 111 campaign. The brief was to create a snappy animation to get people to phone 111 instead of turning up at A and E, saving the NHS time and money.

The campaign was a huge success, viewed by hundreds of thousands through promotions on social media, Youtube and on the NHS regional websites.

Ignite Creative - A life transformed: Prison Animation

A life transformed: Prison Animation

Good News for Everyone! (formerly Gideons UK) asked us to create a series of animations to show the impact of the placing of Bibles around the UK, including in prisons. One of 5 animations, this one focuses on Andy and his time prior to and inside prison. Suicidal, he found the bible, and his life took a turn.

Good News for Everyone! (formerly Gideons UK) have shown this and the other animations both in person and on social media.

BMW Group: Pre-launch teaser video for the new e-MINI

We were commissioned to make an Instagram friendly pre-launch video for the new electric MINI, made by BMW Group UK. This was to include drone footage, steadicam work and some use of the 8K 360 video.

Post production would include a lot of animation, sound production and hyperlapse transitions and editing.

The video has been viewed thousands of times on Instagram and various other platforms across the MINI and BMW Group social media sites.

Ignite Creative - BMW Group Recruitment Promotional Drive Video

BMW Group – Recruitment Promotional Drive Video

A BMW Group video commission to drive recruitment at the BMW HQ in Farnborough. This promo was made over four days of production including drone, Steadicam, 360 8K 3D video for non-VR and VR video and jibs.

The videos are promoted across social media and have been a success with thousands of views.

Ignite Creative - Oxford Examination School - Promotional Video

Oxford Examination School – Promotional Video

The Examination School required a video to show the space as a venue for events, exhibitions and talks. This would require filming over a number of days, animations of spaces and additional footage in and around Oxford to show the attractiveness of venue and city.

This is currently live on the Examination School site and has been viewed thousands of times.

Ignite Creative - Adoption Story - Animated Promotional Video

Adoption Story – Animated Promotional Video

Coventry City Council commissioned us to produce two animations, which help guide children and young people through adoption. This is what we came up with for younger kids who are in the adoption process.

The Adoption agencies, Legal bodies and Council use this weekly for children, parents and staff.

Ignite Creative - Wycliffe Bible Translators - Ripple Effects Animation Video

Wycliffe Bible Translators – Ripple Effects Animation Video

Wycliffe Bible Translators needed a new fundraising and awareness video to show how the translation of the bible had effects larger than expected.

This was an extremely complicated animation requiring thousands of assets to be created from scratch and a lot of animation of those assets. Weeks of character design and animation resulted in an animation now being translated into languages and being used all over the world.